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I am amazed how my life changes from year to year.  It is hard to have a vision or a path because something always interrupts my plans. 10 years ago, if you would have told me I would be working from home and starting a new career in E-Commerce, I would have said "I WISH!"  Today in my world, I wake up hopefully before the sun, and I head to the muck room to get dressed for my outside farm chores.  I love feeding and caring for my 6 horses.  4 of them I raised from babies.  5 of them are aged horses and our new addition, was born this May. A filly colt named Sweet Pea.  

Now at 55, you asked why are you raising a new baby?  Well, I will explain that in another blog.  Today I wanted to share with you something else.  After working in Residential Lending and Banking for 35 years, I made a leap to E-Commerce.  Why?  My last job I was making 65K a year.  I hated almost every second of it. (Mostly my boss!!) Prior to that, I owned a Mortgage Company for 9 years and in 2010 the Real Estate tsunami wiped me out and left me stranded and torn apart. Took my home, my savings, business and my dignity.  I loved the mortgage industry far more than it loved me back. I was tired of feeling disposable.  The years and rebound have been a long struggle. Over my life time,  I have stood at many different forks in the road. 

My new adventure in E-Commerce is very challenging.  Each day I put in my best effort to learn and engage every ounce of my time.  Yes, I have even cried.  This is much harder than I expected it to be!! 

My life is more balanced working from home.  Even though home life is not easy!  My husband and I own and operate a working farm with beef cattle.  In addition, he works a full-time job. I explain to people that our farm life makes us accountable and is a good life, but not an easy life.  Caring for 100+ hungry animals every day is WORK, 7 days a week!

It hard to find time to get away from the farm. Leaving the animals unattended is out of the question. We either must find someone to watch things for us, or we just stay home.  Mostly we just stay home. 

E-Commerce seems to be a good fit. No more horrible bosses!  The choices I have made have not been easy!  Now I just must work super hard, focus, and there is no turning back.  My vision a year from now is to be financially stable in my new E-career. 

If you are at the fork in the road in your life, just know you will make the best of whatever road you take, work hard and stay focused!  Thanks for visiting; Donna Ruzicka – Country Side General Store


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