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It's no secret to my family, that I love any TV show that has a horse.  I love western movies and western Series.  My very favorite is Big Valley. Barbara Stanwick is amazing.  You can't help but love all the characters in this series. One of the things I love doing is looking at the horses, horse tack, the old wallpaper, wood stoves, antique furniture, and the old General Stores in the series or movie. Yes, even the acting was awesome. Those fake fights are even great (every one of them)! How they keep coming up with new stories to write about always amuses me.  

I love all the strong role models in western shows.  Miss Kitty in Gunsmoke is an excellent role model even if she owns Saloon. Oh, you gotta love Ben Cartwright in Bonanza!

I don't have enough time in this blog to list all the best western movies or TV Series. I was raised country and truly love the old country values and history.  I would love to go back in time for just a week to experience that time of the old west. 

I would welcome a good come-back of a western TV series like Bonanza, Big Valley, The Virginian, Rifleman, and The High Chaparral.  Hollywood, please bring back some old-time country TV! 

I would love to hear about your favorites. 


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