About Us

Hello and Welcome to Country Side General Store. 

My name is Donna  Ruzicka. I created CSGS for 3 main reasons; 1) I wanted more time to work on the farm and be with my horses.  2) I didn't like my previous boss, and 3) Because I am passionate about being an online entrepreneur and offering customer's value and quality products.

The General Store was created because we as humans need a variety of products and we enjoy getting new things.  The element of something new makes us smile and feel good inside. It was hard for me to say I wanted to be in a specific single niche.  

I am 100% country farm, girl.  One of the things I loved the most as a child was the Old General Stores. Today children have probably not seen one. But I love my memories of them. This is how CSGS was created. 

We strive for quality 5 STAR products. 

  • Women, Men, and Children Apparel
  • Shoes
  • Sterling Silver Jewelry
  • Cell and Computer Accessories
  • Briefcases and Handbags
  • Makeup and Skin Care
  • Animal and Pet Items
  • Hoodie Blankets
  • Bedding and Pillows

I live in the US and dedicated to excellent customer service. 

I bring a variety of unique product and gift ideas to you. I want to make your buying and shopping experience easy, enjoyable and affordable. 

I hope you find your shopping visit fun. The majority of our items have WORLDWIDE - FREE SHIPPING.

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I am a real person and truly appreciate your business!

Country Side General Store

 Thanks for stopping by!!